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新闻 & 即将来临的事件

  • 一年一度的 霍普金斯的《澳门网上正规网站》 工作会议, the one and only Tan France will be gracing our campus for an intimate conversation on November 16 at Shriver Hall. 你不会想错过这个的! However, 在这里 is the exciting part - this event is not just a one-way conversation with Tan. We are creating an interactive experience w在这里 six members of our community - undergraduates, 博士候选人, and post-docs - will have the chance to ask Tan their burning questions. 的y will delve into career challenges, triumphs, and his role as an LGBTQ icon. We want every single one of you to be a part of this enlightening conversation. However, seats are limited, so make sure you grab your tickets early! 在这里领取你的免费法国机票.

  • 新! Mobile Credentialing available to SOM postdocs. 看到 在这里 了解更多信息.
  • 通过住院医师面试-加入澳门网上正规网站 a seminar and discussion with a focus on supporting international medical graduates 应用ing for residency. Here, you'll learn about proactive steps you can take to prepare for and ace your upcoming interview! This event will also provide general tips and discussion points for not only interviewing for residency, 还有其他职业职位. 将提供食物和茶点! This event is hosted by the 博士后事务办公室 and the Professional Development and Career Office, 10月26日星期四th, 12:00 PM. 看到 在这里 了解更多信息和注册.
  • 推迟日期! 的 next Advanced K-Award Grant Writing virtual workshop is scheduled for December 13th. 有关更多信息和注册,请参见 在这里.
  • 提醒, all 医学院 personnel are required to receive the flu vaccination by/before Friday Nov 17th. 有关豁免申请的更多信息, 疫苗的位置, 文档可以通过  疫苗管理系统(VMS).
  • 新! 的 Office of 研究 Administration will now accept grant applications w在这里 博士后研究人员 serve in the role of Principal Investigator when eligibility criteria are met. 了解更多信息 在这里看到的.
  • Professional Development and Career Office listing of 2023年10月的活动.
  • 概述及参考指南 至2023-2024年JHU博士后福利. 新 JHU 健康 Insurance Enrollment and Waiver Website 现在开放了.


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Each month we feature recent SOM postdoc accomplishments, 比如高冲击力的纸张, 奖, 和赠款! Do you know a postdoc (yourself included) who should be featured? Email us to include them in next month's kudos at (电子邮件保护)


Dr. 乔安娜·科诺普卡,神经科学系

项目: Identification of chemosensory receptors in 按蚊 mosquito leg tarsi guiding sex-specific behaviors
PI:教师 Dr. 克里斯托弗·波特

Dr. 乔安娜Konopka

Dr. 安吉莉卡·克鲁兹·勒布朗, Department of Pathology

项目: Investigating prostatic fluid extracellular vesicles cargo in prostate cancer
PI:教师 Dr. 凯伦Sfanos

Dr. 安吉莉卡·克鲁兹·勒布朗

Dr. 莉娅·伊莱亚斯,神经科学系

项目: Identify the circuits and molecular mechanisms by which the brain senses and encodes sleep pressure
PI:教师 Dr. 赛斯街

Dr. 利亚伊莱亚斯

Dr. 勒达·雷斯特雷波·卡多纳, Department of Genetic Medicine

项目: Epigenetic determinants insights into the role of the long non-coding RNA Meg3 in the pathogenesis of aortic aneurysm
PI:教师 Dr. 埃琳娜·加洛·麦克法兰

Dr. 勒达·雷斯特雷波·卡多纳

Dr. 金志柱,泌尿外科

项目: 的 discovery of therapy resistance-mediating extracellular vesicles
PI:教师 Dr. 肯尼斯·Pienta

Dr. Chi-Ju金

Dr. Nanami Senoo,生理学系

项目: Elucidation of the pathology of Barth syndrome cardiomyopathy
PI:教师 Dr. Claypool史蒂文

Dr. Nanami Senoo

Dr. 帅吴, Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry

项目: Structural basis for the inhibition of full-length cGAS by di-nucleosomes
PI:教师 Dr. Jungsan孙

Dr. 帅吴

Dr. Sowmya拉梅什, Department of Pathology, Division of Surgical Pathology

项目: Non-opioid Analgesic Lipid Nanoparticles to alleviate Osteosarcoma Disease Progression
PI:教师 Dr. 亚伦詹姆斯

Dr. Sowmya拉梅什


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需要职业咨询? 的 Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO) offers assistance with CV reviews, interviewing strategies, job applications, and more. 约会是通过握手来完成的.




Ed Hsu, M.D.

研究生医学教育管理员 & 博士后项目

Sr. Administrative Coordinator, 博士后事务办公室

马奎塔·吉尼斯,M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Postdoctoral Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Senior Credentialing Specialist, Office of the Registrar




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